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Strategy & visual work for a daily email newsletter brand focusing on making readers smarter every day. The main goal of this project was to focus on the digital presence of a new offering, the investment hub, rounding up finance news and investing resources for readers.


For the investing hub, a different approach and balance of components needed to be taken compared to the typical Morning Brew Feed. The overall UX strategy focuses on building a strong portfolio of articles with sorting tools while still featuring prominent and relevant articles. These four components are the essentials—focused on editor and reader flexibility.

1. Banner

A banner featuring a quiz to get new readers acclimated to the type of content they can expect from the service. Other banner selections are entirely flexible in content whether announcing new articles, sponsored content, etc.

2. Featured

A featured content section where the editing staff can curate articles and feature sponsored content in a prominent and reliable location for readers.

3. Trending

A trending article is manually chosen or decided by recent page views. This can offer increased control for editors as well as balancing out the hub with relevant information using existing articles.

4. Library

The most unique and specialized feature is the article library. Longer format evergreen articles should be categorized using a powerful yet streamlined system to filter and access content. A library offers users the ability to access and view articles with minimal searching and maximum relevancy. Utilizing a feed style format would be ineffective, seeing as these articles aren't tied to current events or market news.

Desktop Mockups

Mobile App Mockups

Article Preview Variants

Investing Knowledge Quiz

Investing Knowledge Quiz

Responsive Article Suggestions

Call to Action Variants

Call to Action Variants

Navigation Bar Variants

Email Newsletter Mockups

Email Newsletter Mockups